HealthyBody Nutrition Consulting was formed to bring together the sports performance and health and wellness competencies of customized nutrition to deliver our clients THE BEST of both worlds, with NO COMPROMISES.

We create healthy, goal focused, and fully customized nutrition planning based on YOU and YOUR NEEDS, delivered in a beautiful easy to follow format, with your coach there to support and guide your journey every step of the way. Working with HealthyBody get RESULTS!

Deanna Wolfe

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist


Deanna Wolfe

HealthyBody NC Co-Founder

Deanna is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh. Deanna has worked in the corporate wellness industry for almost 3 years. She also has been successfully providing health coaching and nutrition counseling to others with various disease states. She is an ACE Certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor and is currently working towards her Certified Diabetes Educator credential. Deanna is a regular contributor to Austin Fit magazine and a health and fitness blogger.

Deanna is an NPC Bikini National Qualifier after placing 3rd in her first show and has also run several half and full marathons. Deanna enjoys translating the science of nutrition into reliable and realistic advice to help others lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. She strives to inspire and motivate others to achieve their own health and fitness goals while living a lifestyle full of balance, not deprivation.

Racquel Symons

IFBB Bikini Pro


Racquel Symons

IFBB Bikini Pro

Meet Racquel Symons now known as “The Little Fit Girl” on Instagram. Racquel is recently dominating the fitness world at just 20 years old.

She is an IFBB Bikini Pro Competitor, model and aspiring actress, as well as an athlete for HPN and Toxic Angelz Bikini.

Racquel was born and raised in Orange County, California. Racquel found her love and passion for health and fitness in the beginning of 2013 at just 16 years old. All her life she’s always been very active and involved with sports.

Racquel did dance and gymnastics at a young age as long as competitive swimming and Karate for five years. Racquel later wanted to get involved with tumbling and cheerleading. She decided to join a competitive cheer team and was a flyer for them as well as her high school prep squad.

During the summer of 2012 she was not enjoying cheerleading as much as she used to and was not happy with the way she looked. She was never rail thin or overweight but was not pleased with what she saw in the mirror. Unfortunately, she became overly obsessed with the desire of being thin and the number on the scale.

She soon started rapidly loosing weight, fearing food and was not eating. Racquel went from 112 lbs to her lowest 87 lbs in less then two months standing at five feet tall.

By the grace of God Racquel thankfully received help by Sean Torbati CEO of High Performance Nutrition and Co-Founder of HealthyBody NC. Sean has taken her under his wing since the very beginning showing her the importance of how to eat and nourish the body and to workout correctly. From day one she instantly fell in love with weightlifting and has never looked back. Racquel is appreciative and thankful for her struggles in the past because without them she wouldn’t be who and where she is today. This makes health and fitness that much more special and important to her in her life. Fitness has truly saved her life.

Since Racquel loves to perform and has a competitive side to her, she soon discovered the world of competing and wanted to get on stage and compete in the bikini division. Her first show she ever competed at she took home first place and received her ANBF PRO Card at 16 years old. After that she was hooked and loved training for shows. She loves the aspect that you can change your body the way you want it to look like. It motivates and excites her to know that I can improve my physique at every show, get better and grow physically and mentally each time I step on stage. The goal is to always improve and better yourself.

After competing in 10 amateur shows, Racquel earned her IFBB Pro Card at the NPC Miami National Show in November of 2015. She is currently training in preparation for her Pro Debut in 2017.

Racquel is now proud to be eating disorder free, the healthiest and most importantly the happiest she’s ever been.  Racquel has a hope and desire to help motivate and inspire others to achieving their health and fitness goals as a means of improving their self confidence, self love and overall well being!.

Nick Dompierre

Pro Skateboarder

Nick Dompierre

Nick DompierrE

ISSA CPT & Professional Skateboarder

Nick is a nutrition specialist that balances his passion for skateboarding, strength training, and nutrition. Spreading his knowledge and helping others achieve their goals is Nick’s number 1 focus.

Nick is a professional skateboarder from New Bedford, MA. This was one of his dreams growing up as a kid. He accomplished his goal and became professional. He is known for his super fast style and and 
smooth performance on big gaps and rails. He has appeared in numerous skate videos such as “The Solstice Video”, Real’s “Roll Forever”, “Since Day 1”, and “Real at the Berrics”. He has had impressive results at large scale national contest such as X- Games, Rob Dyrdek’s STREET LEAGUE, Dew Tour, Tampa Pro, Vans Downtown Showdown, among others. In addition to being a great contest competitor, he gained credibility and a massive fan following due to his natural street skate style. His success has landed him on the covers of Transworld Skate, Thrasher and Slap Magazines.

Nick has grown up pushing the limits. He had his first career setback after a motorcycle accident in 2010, sidelining him for a good portion of the year. Upon recovery he was invited to compete in the exclusive ESPN Street League contest
series, which is the brainchild of world-renowned skater and MTV personality Rob Dyrdek. Shortly after his second appearance in the Street League 2011 series he returned to Massachusetts to prep for upcoming video parts and contests, where he took an unfortunate accident fracturing his vertebrae in 2 locations, C6 and T1.

After breaking his neck he started therapy to rebuild strengthen in his back/neck. It was by far the worst injury he ever experienced. He was unsure if he would ever be able to skate again. During month’s long rehabilitation, Nick developed a love for strength training. Noticing the changes in his body and feeling of being stronger. After his injury completely healed he continued skateboarding as a professional while still strength training. He then later got his ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Personal Trainer Certification.

Nick’s hard work and dedication with fitness and skateboarding has lead him up to signing with Live Fit Apparel and HPN Supplements. These are two national brands that Nick is proud to be associated with as they represent the morals, integrity, and passion that Nick wants to bring to all that he does.


Mina Arroyo

Personal Trainer


Mina Arroyo

Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Health Coach

Mina Arroyo is a Personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, health coach and top 3 NPC bikini athlete from Huntington Beach California with true love and passion for health and fitness and creating transformations.

Her education was earned at the National Academy of Sports medicine, a global leader in providing evidence based certifications and advance credentials for health and fitness professionals.

Mina has worked with many different clients including but not limited to, youth and senior training, extreme weigh loss and first time competition prep.
Mina specializes is weight loss, muscle gain, corrective exercise, speed and agility training, competition prep, and posing.

Her love for fitness has gained her interest in fitness bikini competitions allowing her to take 1st place in her first show in 2012, and since then remaining top 3 and nationally qualified as a NPC bikini athlete. Mina can be reached at


Mike Rashid King

Nutrition Supplements Expert

MIke Rashid King

Mike Rashid King

Training and Nutrition Expert

Mike Rashid King is an icon in the health and fitness world with over 15 years of expertise in training and nutrition. Mike helps thousands of people improve their physical and mental health through his videos, motivational workouts, and “Over Training” philosophy. Mike has joined HealthyBodyNC to offer fully customized nutrition planning to a very limited number of serious individuals. Mike can be reached regarding availability at

  • Among Mike’s Professional Accomplishments in Health and Fitness are:
  • Founder and CEO of IMSOALPHA.COM Sports nutrition supplements
  • Founder and CEO of fitness/lifestyle apparel company
  • Founder/Partner of Interstellar Media
  • Partner and Co Founder of Ambrosia Nutraceuticals
  • Owner of Nutrition Zone: Ontario, California
  • Owner of Iron Addicts Gym Miami
  • Better Bodies Sponsored Athlete
  • Youtuber (top 3 percent of fitness channels on youtube)
  • Powerlifter
  • Former Boxer

Mike Rashid’s rates for customized nutrition planning are:

  • $400 for 4 weeks
  • $700 for 8 weeks
  • $900 for 12 weeks

Mike Rashid’s rates for customized workout planning are:

  • $200 (As a stand-alone plan)
  • $150 (When combined with customized nutrition planning shown above – the $150 is in addition to the nutrition planning fee)


Taryn Peters

ISSA CPT Fitness Nutrition Coach


Taryn Peters

ISSA CPT, a Nesta Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Taryn Nicole Peters, Owner of Crave Personal Training in Huntington Beach California is an ISSA CPT, a Nesta Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach as well as a Sport Nutrition Coach with ISSA.

In her 10 years in the fitness industry she has accrued over double the credentials mandated for personal trainers in California. Notable certifications include; Martin Rooney’s Training for Warriors, TRX, Perform Better, as well as becoming the first Fitranx certified instructor for California. Taryn has participated in many educational platforms on the topics of “Olympic Lifting,” and “Physiology of Resistance Training.”

Raised by her step dad, bodybuilder and triathlete, Taryn grew up loving sports, fitness and clean eating.

This passion has carried her into a career of educating and coaching hundreds in her community.

Now her goal is to empower as many men and women as possible to live a long, healthy and happy lifestyle through the marriage of nutrition and exercise.


Sean Torbati

HealthyBody NC Co-Founder


Sean Torbati

HealthyBody NC Co-Founder

Sean Torbati CSCS, CNS, EXOS Phase 2, NASM CPT is an experienced Nutrition Coach, with 10 years of experience in customized nutrition planning for individuals ranging from Olympic and Professional World Class Athletes looking to maximize performance and recovery through the power of nutrition to men and women that simply want to look better and live healthier, longer, and more productive lives.

Sean has worked with Professional athletes in the:

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • as well as many Collegiate and Olympic athletes.

Sean has experience in all aspects/goals of nutrition planning:

  • Performance nutrition for athletes and hard training individuals
  • Fat loss while maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Building lean muscle mass
  • Contest Prep for Bodybuilding, Bikini, Physique, Figure
  • Extreme Body Transformations involving weight loss of 50lbs+

If you have the desire, dedication, and determination to achieve your health and fitness goals; Sean can provide you the blueprint and the guidance to achieve them all!