Kim – Chierno, TX

​Deanna has been great to work with. She is very encouraging and positive. The best thing ever with her plan is that my “diet” foods that I have been on for years, went out the window. I never felt deprived of food. I felt like I was “cheating” because the food is so good and perfect for real life.

Starting Weight: 123lbs
Ending Weight: 123 lbs (gain of muscle and loss of fat)

Kayla – Greenfield, MA

I approached Deanna in August of 2015 after following her inspiring Instagram account for some time. I saw how she was passionate about working out while also maintaining a healthy relationship with food and living a balanced life style. This is exactly what I wanted for myself. I had struggled with an eating disorder in the past and had an unhealthy relationship with food. Deanna has really helped me overcome these fears I had about food and I couldn’t be more happy with my results! I’m eating so much more while maintaining my weight and slowly building muscle. Now that I am eating properly and working out often I feel much more energized and less anxious about food. Deanna has helped my become passionate about working out and living a balanced lifestyle. She gave me the tools I needed to structure a diet and exercise routine in a healthy and effective way. Currently, I am working on intuitive eating which had always been my goal. Deanna was such a pleasure to work with. She was very understanding and always answered my questions in a very timely manner. She was also very encouraging which motivated me. Contacting Deanna has really changed my life and I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Starting Weight: 115lbs
Ending Weight: 107lbs

Lisa G – Brea, California

Sean is very driven and passionate about his work at HealthyBody and life in general. Expect nothing less than the best from him. I came to Sean to learn more about what my body needs to function efficiently every day for the rest of my life. He helped me to understand macro nutrient meal planning and the importance of supplements for my extremely active vegan lifestyle. As an athlete, I wanted fine tuning with performance and stamina and also to compete in a bikini competition. Sean delivered!

Ultimately, you are accountable for the work you put into his personalized programs for nutrition and exercise. I followed his plan and my results proved it. After 2 weeks, I had met my first body fat percentage and weight goals. Needless to say, I made huge gains and completed my first bikini show.
I would without hesitation refer Sean to anyone who is serious about improving their health.

Starting Weight: 120lbs
Ending Weight: 112lbs

Patryce H – California

Sean Torbati and Healthy Body Nutrition Consulting had a positive change on my life that will last forever! I found Sean through some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while that looked great and I had to know what they were doing. Once I heard their stories, I contacted Sean and my life hasn’t been the same since. Although I had a good start and had lost 40 lbs. on my own, after some medical issues, I was putting the weight back on and couldn’t lose a pound. Add in my age of 55, a thyroid problem and menopause, well you get the picture. All of this was not a problem for Sean and from the first day, my health and body continued to improve. In my time with Sean, I went beyond my initial weight loss and body fat goals. My weight went from 161.5 to 134.7 and my body fat reduced from 31% to 21%. Sean has dialed in my metabolism to where I don’t have “mental” cravings anymore and now have a plan for life where I know I can be successful.

I feel healthier with more energy than I ever did in my younger years!
The education I received from Sean during my time with him was priceless! It was a great feeling to know that whenever I had a question or needed support, Sean was only a text or email away.

It was a great experience working with Sean and Healthy Body Nutrition Consulting and I recommend them daily to the people that comment on my new healthy look.

Raquel V – California

I approached Sean Torbati of Healthy Body NC, with a goal in mind to compete as a first time natural bikini competitor. Sean prepared me mentally and physically with weekly meal/workout plans, and made himself easily accessible throughout my 3 months of prep, which I couldn’t be any more thankful for! With my starting weight at 135 pounds, Sean slowly but effectively helped transform my body to a healthy weight for my size to 112 pounds. I would highly recommend Healthy Body Nutrition to anyone looking to live and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Natalie – 18 years old

I started this program at 118 pounds, and now am around 120 pounds from the muscle definition I have gained. Deciding to work with HBNC was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health because I have gained the knowledge of how to properly fuel my body, and not fear food anymore. I can also use this information for the rest of my life and be able to utilize my new knowledge on my own. I have gained lean muscle and increased my damaged metabolism, but most importantly, I have gained confidence in my food choices, and fixed my disordered relationship with food. I recommend HBNC 100% to anyone wishing to better themselves and their health.

Maddison – 23 years old

I started working with Deanna of Healthy Body Nutritional Consulting in May of 2015 after stumbling upon her Instagram account and blog a few months after starting my fitness journey. Immediately I was inspired and I appreciated the kind of content she was writing about! I could totally relate to her posts and I admired her confidence, balance, and attitude towards all things health and fitness. I wrote her an email expressing my gratitude and couldn’t believe what a lovely prompt response I got back! I knew right away that I wanted to work with her and, well, the rest is history.

Originally when I started working with Deanna I was battling all sorts of demons and facing a lot of challenges. I had extremely low confidence and my self-worth was non existent. I couldn’t see past what I saw in the mirror and I loathed how I looked, despite already losing about 20 pounds on my own! I had struggled a bit with restricting and binging and I really had no idea how to eat for the body that I wanted. Deanna set me up with my daily macronutrient goal and helped me figure out how to incorporate the foods that I loved back into my life all while lifting heavy 6 days a week and doing minimal cardio (that I actually enjoyed and could change up to my liking!). She encouraged me weekly and offered her support and advice whenever I needed it. She addressed my questions (and worries!) and always answered me in the most honest and realistic way possible. But most of all – she actually listened to what I was saying and she allowed me to be open with her about everything so that we could move forward with my progress. If I was having a low energy week or rough time we adjusted the plan to work with my current needs. I never felt trapped or restricted!
I have learned to nourish my body because of how strong it is and how much I love it and enjoy the process along the way. My mental progress was a huge accomplishment while working with Deanna, but I have also had amazing physical progress as well. I lost 8 pounds and my body composition changed completely. To this day I still continue to lose body fat and gain muscle all while eating tons of food that I love and that supports my goals. I hardly recognize myself in the mirror and I am so proud of all we have accomplished together. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Deanna. I love our weekly check-ins and having somebody to hold me accountable. Currently we are beginning to work towards intuitive eating – something that has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I am still a work in progress and have some rough days, but I know that there’s somebody rooting for my success. I would recommend anybody to put their trust in Deanna and start your journey with her. I can’t put into words how truly grateful I am!

McKinzie – 24 years old

I wanted to let you know that I have officially deleted the MyFitnessPal app ? I want to see how I do without it for a while. I was getting so consumed over recording meals and “making things fit” when in reality the measures of what I was recording isn’t always right. I feel like I have enough knowledge to do this and I’m tired of always relying on an app to tell me what I can and can’t eat! I finally trust myself enough to take this step and I can honestly say that 100% of it is because of you! I’ve been killing it in the gym the past 2 weeks and I feel as lean as I have in a long time. (Even if the scale doesn’t show)! I know my triggers and know how to avoid them, yet flexible dieting has allowed me to love the food I’m eating and not have an urge to binge. You’ve changed my life and I can’t say thank you enough!

I feel like the area I was most worried about (legs) are really making progress! Today they felt super lean! Overall I’m slowly starting to love this body I’m in more and more!

Nikki – 27 years old

I looked over the substitution list and like everything on the lists so I’m happy there’s so much variety

Tom – Newport Beach, CA

I started at 182lb and 20.8% body fat and ended at 159lb and 10.6% bodyfat.

It was a great experience working with HBNC. I got the results I wanted, had help and support every step of the way and gained knowledge I can use forever. I would absolutely 100% recommend HBNC to anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.